Leslie Reed is an American multi-media artist, poet, and healer living in Broadstairs, England.  Leslie brings to her work deep interest in spirituality, mythology, dance and personal healing. Her childhood fascination with the way color takes on life, dimension and volume when it is infused with light, brought her to study stained glass at the School of the Museum of Fine Art in Boston.  Installations of her abstract, stained glass landscapes can be seen in businesses and private residences in Los Angeles, Boston, Honolulu and Saint Louis.
Leslie Reed has also worked in national and state health policy for over 20 years, most recently on the integration of mental and physical health care, and trauma informed care. The challenge of “Soul Journey” was for Leslie to bring her artistic interests, her personal story, and her commitment to health advocacy into one series of images to convey a powerful message about healing, resiliency and the beauty she sees in life.