Aurélia Bizouard is a visual artist working with glass as a metaphor for life.  It represents the importance of living, the uniqueness of everything around us, contemplation of human existence, and the beauty of the ordinary things surrounding us.  Furthermore, she searches for the hidden meaning of life and its beauty, how to express the world we see, emotions, and the importance of living.  In addition, she forces us to stop and to be immersed in the moments of life and art that influence and highlight.  Her technique is created with reverse painting on glass panels, sometimes using light, colors, or other ways to play and innovate with glass or recycled glass.

Aurélia Bizouard fell in love with art and started drawing cartoons of Japanese Manga at a very young age in France, her country of origin.  She grew up in the cradle of impressionist painters near the Seine river, and in 2011 she started painting using acrylic and glass as a canvas.  Her painting is now intuitive, also utilizing action painting with thoughts, travels, and people unleashing her creativity.  Today, this French artist lives in Paris, France, and Vancouver, Canada.  Her art studio is located in the art and design district of Railtown in East Vancouver, and she is also represented in Paris and Los Angeles.